Boston-based saxophonist and composer, Hunter McKay, aims to bridges the gap between various styles such as rock, jazz, contemporary classical, and experimental music, with a clockwork-like approach to rhythm, serpentine harmonies, and a focus on improvisation.


Hunter is a co-founder of NYC-based jazz composers collective, Abacus. He and his co-founder, Skyler Hagner were recently awarded a Jazz Road grant through South Arts to take the ensemble on a two week tour of New England from July 27th through August 7th, 2021.  Hunter also leads the newly founded virtual iteration of the Social Animals Big Band and is a member of Boston-based experimental quartet, AHHA. As a sideman, Hunter has performed with jazz artists such as Jeff Coffin and Graham Breedlove; and popular artists such as Godsmack lead singer, Sully Erna, and America's Got Talent Winner, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.  


An aspiring professor, Hunter is employed as a teaching fellow at the New England Conservatory of Music where he is working toward his Doctor of Musical Arts degree.  He earned his master’s at William Paterson University, and his bachelor’s from the University of Southern Maine.

Warehouse Sessions
A few live sessions from 2019 with some of my favorite musicians:
Esque by Hunter McKay
Eric Quinn's "Area 7"
An electronic soundtrack of a coastal Maine scene:
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Social Animals Big Band
My new big band project debuts an original composition COVID-style:
When The Pig Won't Fly by Hunter McKay
Abacus is a nonet that plays the music of Hunter McKay, Skyler Hagner, and Alex Quinn.
Bodymonder's Supper Club by Hunter McKay
Hunter McKay