Abacus is a nonet that plays the music of
Alex Quinn, Skyler Hagner,Hunter McKay.

Since 2019 Abacus has brought
unconventional performance to venues across New England.

Our music blends small-town roots
with an eclectic, postmodern
which reflects a wide range of influences
including jazz, rock, contemporary classical,
electronic music, and more.
Bodymonder's Supper Club by Hunter McKay
The ensemble consists of nine musicians spanning Maine to New York City,
each bringing their individual voices to form a common whole.

Eric Klaxton -saxophones and clarinets
Hunter McKay -saxophones and clarinets
Skyler Hagner -saxophones and clarinets
Alex Quinn -trumpet
Josh Gagnon -trombone

Andres Abenante -guitar
Andrew Boudreau -piano
Stephen Pale -bass
Zak King -drums

Abacus EP
Coming Soon!


No Exit by Skyler Hagner
Abacus' 2021 summer tour was made possible with the support of Jazz Road, a national initiative of South Arts, which is funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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Hunter McKay